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Display cabinet manufacturers teach you how to layout display makeup display cabinet

2019/5/30 4:23:37

For cosmetics stores, good design of display cabinet can drive the growth of store sales, and the layout and display of the store is the most important part of the design. It should be noted that various stores should design different schemes according to their own positioning and objectives.

Good-looking colour makeup shows ark design itself is valuable, can bring appreciation, can drive sale. Color makeup display cabinet design is actually with his unique language - design language, let your customers more like your shop.

First, it's easier to notice your store;

Second, he preferred to come in;

Third, he can stay longer in your store.

Fourth, he is willing to buy more.

In fact, the layout of the store is one big partition and one small partition. The big partition is the function layout, how is the function of the three areas of your store makeup display cabinet divided, how to achieve the basic placement of brand, category, counter and the setting of people flow line; Small partition is category layout, is a category in a certain shelf put problem, specific to the use of each group of shelves.

A store, large partition is to do its skeleton, is the relationship between the store and the counter; And small partition tells the muscle of the shop namely, colour makeup reveals the relation between ark and goods. Further subdivision involves the issue of display, which is like the cell of a store, the relationship between goods and customers. In fact, layout and display are a unified organism, which is the relationship between the shop, counter, goods and people.