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We should pay attention to the production of display cabinets in shopping malls

2019/6/1 11:48:49
The production of the display cabinet in the mall can be said to be more complex, but now all display cabinet manufacturers can install the production requirements of the mall display cabinet to produce, the mall requirements of the big closure is in the fire this, that you know the mall display cabinet when the production of fire matters to pay attention to?

Notes: shop display cabinet production of his key points in the plate and electricity and drawing size and manufacturing processing fine production. In the selection of materials, most of the shopping malls will choose B1 class fire plywood and paste a layer of 3-li MDF on the surface. An insulating layer will be formed between the base layer and the paint to reduce the risk of paint cracking.

Vertical hanging clothes are convenient for consumers to use and watch, it can directly pass the information of goods. Clothes stacked in bulk are generally not found in high-end clothing stores, because it affects consumers' direct access to clothing information. For example, clothes stacked at the bottom are not necessarily lucky enough to be taken out by customers. Just think, if you are a consumer, facing piles of clothes, do you still have the desire to buy?

But maybe there's something on the bottom that suits your taste. The dress that square square fold is suit to wait for high-grade commonly, the dress with expensive price, such deposit is to avoid the appearance of crumple, look very beautiful also. Sometimes the horizontal clothes are more to show a kind of fun and attract consumers' eyes.

Custom-made show the lamp act the role of on ark consideration market is given priority to with droplight mostly, use must proper, if cosmetic store is too low, be about to notice the height of droplight, too low can hinder ambulate. The chandelier is placed in the middle so the light is more even. As to the height of droplight, ideal distance and desktop are about 50-60 centimeters, too tall word may make a person feel conspicuous, too low can hit a head again.

The desk at the cash register should be below the elbow to facilitate movement. The distance between condole ark coping and the ground is good do not exceed 2 meters, artistic ark has the word of two layers, the first layer is good with level off inspect the thing that can see to place inside is ideal height, the 2nd it is with the hand is lifted tall can take take to the thing is beautiful.