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What does cosmetic show ark commonly used make material to have

2019/6/1 11:51:40
In market supermarket we often can see all sorts of elegant show ark, craft is much the same or slightly different, the material that chooses is basically same. Commonly used materials are: density board (fiber board, high density), fire board, Boeing film, baking paint, acrylic, glass, steel frame, lamps and lanterns, hardware accessories.

Density board is divided into high density, fiber board, commonly used in MDF, species have a pair of white flour, single flour, and ordinary blank, thickness generally have 38 mm, 25 mm, 18 mm, 15 mm, 12 mm, 9 mm, 5 mm, 3 mm. Generally do counter commonly used is 18 mm, 15 mm, 12 mm, 9 mm, 5 mm, 3 mm, according to the different types, different thickness the price also will be different.

Fire prevention board has a lot of color, do manual work has bright, inferior light, of hemp flour, thickness also has 0.6mm-18mm to differ. For the customer choice space is relatively large. Price respect is based on different color, different charge for the making of STH., the price can be different, price of common fire prevention board is higher commonly ply or color slant price is more expensive more, the fire prevention board price that imports is taller.

Boeing film belongs to paper material, stick in the surface of plank commonly, ply wants a lot of taller than common paper, wearability is better, also be divided for inferior light and bright, color and design also have a lot of can choose, and the price is cheaper, use commonly commonly to show ark, show ark, on the furniture such as desk.

The effect of baking paint is better, the gloss is higher, generally there are sub-light and bright light, but also some special effects. Color can be adjusted into different colors according to customer requirements, the process of baking paint is more complex, and there should be a special dust-free baking paint room to operate, for the paint master requirements are relatively high, without 6-7 years of experience is not good. So the paint is more expensive.

Acrylic belongs to organic board, glossiness is more higher than light white, light penetration is better, so commonly used in light box and install the lamp, more beautiful, but the price is also high. Because of the yakeli is with glue, force bearing co., LTD., is generally used in smaller reveals ark, big reveal ark with acrylic craft is durable than other materials.

Species have a clean glass, mirror glass, art glass, ground glass, do manual work is divided into ordinary and toughened, the thickness is 4 mm / 5 mm / 8 mm / 10 mm / 12 mm, 15 mm. The price is according to the type, thickness and work.

Of steel frame structure show ark charge for the making of STH. Is simpler, just the burnish of welded part is more important, burnish is bad the surface looks not very fruity, affect integral effect, the price of steel structure should be higher than common price commonly.
What does cosmetic show ark commonly used make material to have?

Lamps and lanterns are indispensable accessories for display cabinets. With the design of beautiful display cabinets and different lighting effects, the display products will be displayed to customers with the best effect. Lamps and lanterns can be divided into downlights/spotlights /T8/T5/T4/LED, etc. The prices will vary greatly according to different brands.

Hardware fittings kind is very much, do those who show ark commonly used to have: big bend/in bend/straight bend, furniture lock, shake handshandle, chute/slippery course, glass is odd/double touch, layer plate grain, gun nail, from attack nail, glue etc.