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How to organize the beverage display shelves in the supermarket

2019/6/1 11:54:41
Supermarket beverage shelves, beverage display shelves can not only put products, but also a beautiful landscape can also play a promotional role, so in the use of the same time also need to pay attention to cleaning and maintenance.

Promotions, staff may be in the use of supermarket drinks beverage display shelf, splashing because drinks may contaminate the shelves, and especially for those who put rich in glucose, lipid food shelf, we will pay attention to the daily cleaning cleaning, on the one hand, can extend the shelf life, on the other hand the shelves clean and tidy, consumers also see shu xin, buy the rest assured. How exactly do you clean it?

How to organize the beverage display shelves in the supermarket?

Above all, dishcloth must clean, should change a clean dishcloth to use after cleaning or wiping dust, remember not to use dirty dishcloth for lazy, such meeting makes the surface that shows shelf loses luster. Secondly, the choice of treatment agent, in order to maintain the supermarket drinks the brightness of the original, the use of the general nursing agent have care spray wax or matter cleaning and maintenance agent two kinds, the former mainly for wood, the material such as polyester, paint, fire rubber sheet display shelves, the latter is mainly suitable for all kinds of wood, glass, composite wood or the plate resistance and other solid wood display shelf.

How to organize the beverage display shelves in the supermarket?

Our supermarket beverage shelf produced by mingtang display shelf manufacturers beverage display shelf is made of iron, the surface of which is treated by health plastic powder electrostatic spray, the shelf life is generally 5-7 years under the use of attention, can be assured to use. Our factory produces supermarket beverage rack beverage display shelf many models, welcome new and old customers to come to buy 07au22608222!

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